6 facts about professional window fall protection systems

  • Fact 1: At open windows, protection against a fall must be provided

  • Fact 2: It all comes down to the “right” window fall protection system.

  • Fact 3: Auch für Spezialfälle gibt es Sicherungslösungen.

  • Fact 4: Ein professionelles Sicherungskonzept schützt Ihre Mitarbeiter gegen Absturz und sorgt so für ein sicheres Arbeitsumfeld.

  • Fact 5:....

  • Fact 6:....

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Fact sheet about professional fall protection systems on windows

Given the wide variety of causes that may lead to a fall from an open window, the importance of a dependable fall protection system cannot be overstated. This fact sheet provides YOU with a concise and succinct compendium that will support YOU in selecting the “right” window fall protection system. We will use 6 facts to demonstrate which aspects are essential in selecting the most suitable fall protection system.

Why is a system protecting against falls from windows so important? Which factors qualify as “special cases” when it comes to preventing falls from a window and how can protection be ensured in such cases? What are the advantages of a professional window fall protection system? We will answer these and other questions in this free fact sheet.